This page is currently under construction as we are updating our database of local community groups.


If you are a local Community Group please complete the following form to submit your information.

  • What is the group about?
    Hint: Think how you would describe it to someone who had never heard of the group and could possibly be interested in becoming involved.
  • Please let us know who people are to contact if they are wanting more information about this particular Community Group.
  • Please list:
    - Dates & Times of Meetings (eg 1st Monday each month)
    - Location / Address of Meetings
    - Prices (if applicable)
    - other relevant information

  • If you have a group logo and have access to a copy of the logo as an image, please upload it here. We will add this to your listing.
    Please Note: This can be added at a later date or emailed through if you do not have it "ready to go".