Welcome to Frankland River brochure covers local amenities and places of interest.

There is a small amount of information on the 2 main lakes in the area, Lake Poorrarecup, which is suitable for skiing, swimming and has free camping facilities.

Lake Nunijup also has facilities for all water sports and a picnic area.

The brochure covers the Frankland River Country Club opening times and meal availability.

The tennis courts and skate park are open to the public with free access and overhead lighting.

It covers the wild orchid walk, the Gordon Hall and27 Mile Dam are just a few items on the Hidden Treasures around the area.

As you drive around you will come across a large range of sculptures which have been created by the local residents.

See the Orchids in Frankland River

Frankland River LOC 1997 Orchid List is a reference list of the orchids in the area and the times that they flower.

Discover the Hidden Treasures of the Bokerup - Unicup Area

Brochure on the Bokerup – Unicup area.

The Bokerup – Unicup area is a thriving farming district, where sheep and coarse grains are grown. The old homestead site is one of our “Hidden Treasures”.

Have Fun at the Frankland River Races

The Frankland River Race Course was formed in 1903 and was one of the first clubs to be registered in the state.

Have a Picnic at the 27 Mile Dam

27 Mile Government Dam is located at the edge of town and remnants can still be seen today. Take a picnic and soak up some of the history of the dam.

The Old Post Office

In 1924 the Frankland River community built what is know as the “Old Post Office” it housed the “Overland Telegraph Line” which linked Albany to the Eastern States.

Yeriminup Reserve & Cemetery

Yeriminup Reserve & Cemetery was taken up in 1857 by the Egerton-Warburton family. George Egerton-Warburton came from Tasmania in 1840 and married at the Saint Werburgh’s at Mount Barker as a home base. The property at Frankland River was one of their fruitful investments.